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Library brand

The library aims to deal with various contents based on imagination, which is a great ability of humans. Currently, we want to come as a group that promotes productive activities based on an information-oriented lifestyle that encompasses various fields such as architecture, design, illustration, web programming, startup, and entertainment.

Everyone has their own story, and we have a desire to express it. To meet the needs of creators, we want to contribute to building a true creator ecosystem by providing a one-stop solution that supports everything from content planning and production to channel operation.

We believe that anyone can be a creator. And we want to provide all the tools we need to make this happen. Our mission is to "make everyone profitable with their own content."

Purpose of Library Branding

  • The library provides the best reading experience.
  • Libraries constantly develop new content and services.
  • A library is more than a library.
  • Libraries share a variety of cultural values beyond books.

We gather information and come up with new ways to effectively deal with what we need based on our great ability, our imagination. Through this, the purpose is to create activities for those who want to establish and participate in a specific system through certain actions or activities, and to commercialize them through this.

In this series of processes, not only individuals but also the entire community can be seen developing.