iPhone X Mockups(아이폰 X 목업 번들)

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2020. 6. 28. 11:15

iPhone X Mockups(아이폰 X 목업 번들)

Photoshop Version

You need to have Photoshop CS4+ version. Each file has 4 different mockups – switch between them in the folders. Find the “Change this” layer, click twice on the icon and a new window will open. Insert your design in the window, close it and save. Click twice on the Change Color layer’s icon to change the gradient’s color. 

You can change the devices’ color in the Changeable Color folder. To do this, click twice on the “Change Color” icon and choose the needed color. Change the Opacity parameter for Reflection and Fill Layers, if you need to set up the contrast.


Sketch Version

You need to have Sketch 45+ version and Magic Mirror plugin. Download and install plugin First of all, you need to turn on the plugin. To do so, open the Plugins – Magic Mirror 3 – Enable Magic Mirror. Find ‘Change This’ artboard and paste your design inside. Find the “Change This” layer in the Layers’ panel, and you’ll see the Magic Mirror panel at your right side – then press the update button.

You can change the color of each element in the “Changeable Color” artboard. Find and choose the “Change Color” layer, and you’ll be able to choose any color or gradient in the Fills panel. Change the Opacity parameter in the Reflection and Shadow Layers for more subtle settings.

landscape(가로 형태)


longitudinal(세로 형태)


Bundled(번들 형태)


Oblique(사선 형태)


Stack Image(스택 형태)


Floating(플로팅 형태)


Slightly Floating(살짝 떠있는 형태)


Two Bundled(두개의 번들 형태)

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