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Real Housewives of Old Oyo- Aja

Real Housewives of Old Oyo- Aja

Exploring the cultural nuances surrounding femininity, the works in “History and Mythology” address the lack of visibility of female deities in modern cultural documentation and narratives. Kekere-Ekun emphasizes the term “societal femininity foibles”, a portrayal of females as weak and irrelevant. She rectifies this ongoing misnomer by reminding us of dynamic female goddesses


  • 제목: Real Housewives of Old Oyo- Aja
  • 제작자: Ayobola Kekere-Ekun
  • Creator Birth Date: 1993
  • 제작연도: 2018
  • 만든 위치: Lagos, Nigeria
  • 크기: h 48in, w 36in
  • 재료: Mixed Media (Paper and acrylic on canvas)
  • 예술 장르: Portrait
  • 지원: Canvas

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