2021. 4. 6. 10:16

Fragrance of Spring


Yamatane Museum of Art
Tokyo , 일본

Here a young woman of samurai class, with her hair arranged in the genroku katsuyama style, stands in front of a single plum branch. The combination of standing woman and fragrant blossoms exudes a lofty and pure air. The wisteria and pine motifs seen on her kosode kimono have been carefully rendered to show the actual dyeing and embroidery techniques used, namely kanoko tie-dying and gold thread embroidery. Scraps of tsujigahana-style fabric were used as the ichimoji strips of fabric at the top and bottom of this scroll's mounting, showing yet further care in the adorning of this painting.


  • 제목: Fragrance of Spring
  • 제작연도: 1940
  • 만든 위치: Kyoto, Japan
  • 크기: w868 x h715 mm
  • 材質・技法(日本語): 絹本・彩色・軸(1幅)
  • 作家名(日本語): 上村松園
  • 作品名(日本語): 春芳
  • Painter: Uemura Shōen
  • 작품유형: Nihonga (Modern Japanese Paintings)
  • 권리: Yamatane Museum of Art, Japan, © Yamatane Museum of Art, 2013
  • 재료: Color on Silk